SODEC - Madeleine Dansereau/SODEC
Excellence Awards for exportation - Applied Arts 2002

From the dephts of the Earth were exhumed small human shaped idols, probably goddesses created in the 3rd millenum b.c., in the Cyclades. The firsts of thoses statuettesprobably set the beginning of the Greek sculpture and that of a great artistic tradition. The development of the Cycladian art is closely linked to the commercial traffic within the Cycladic archipelago and large volumes of these statuettes were exported. The reproduction of one model of these statuettes by the late Madeleine Dansereau is jealously preserved by Michel Larbrisseau, who, in his turn, and in honor of this fantastic lady and friend and to symbolically represent one of the first form of exportation of applied art has reproduced another model of one of these statuettes. bricked in this trophy, she projects a reflexion through the faults of our globe, anxious to soon be discovered.

Created by Michel Larbrisseau